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How To Use Tab Suspender Extension

Thanks for installing the Tab Suspender extension in your browser. It has been developed for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox running on Windows, Linux, macOS and ChromeOS platforms. Moreover, it should work fine with other browsers supporting the WebExtensions APIs. This means that you can install and use it with Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), Vivaldi etc.

Purpose of this extension?

The Tab Suspender enables users to quickly discard (suspend) all open tabs except the current tab. Unlike popular tab discarding extensions like The Great Suspender, it allows users to manually suspend tabs whenever they want. By suspending other tabs, you can clear up memory and boost performance of your browser instantly. Users can choose to suspend other tabs either in all open windows including the active window, or just in the other windows (and not in the active window).

Why suspend tabs?

As you know all open tabs consume system resources (read RAM), even when they are in background. For example, if you have 20 tabs in your current browser window and 25 tabs in another browser window, your browser might be using lots of system resources.

chrome RAM usage meme

When you suspend a tab, browser freezes-up it and unloads it from the memory. Hence, browser clears up some RAM, which can boost performance of the browser, and the operating system too. This could make browser more responsive resulting smooth web browsing specially on heavy websites and web apps. Suspended tabs are still visible on the browser tab strip, and are reloaded instantly when you navigate to them.

Hence, it is a great idea to suspend tabs when you have many open tabs across multiple windows, and you want to focus on a particular tab or window.

How to use?

Once installed successfully, you will find its icon on browser toolbar as shown in the screenshot below. Click on this button to launch the popup, and then select your choice. As described above, you can close all other tabs either in all open windows including the current window, or just in the other windows (and not in the current window).

chrome tab discarding

Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Like keyboard shortcuts? Use Alt + S to suspend all tabs in all windows except current tab. Use Alt + Shift + S to suspend all tabs in other windows (and not in current window). If these keys combinations don't work for you, or you want to change to a different set of keys combinations, follow this guide. Note that the keyboard commands are not supported in Mozilla Firefox.

Pinned tabs?

Chrome, Firefox and most of the leading web browsers support pinning tabs. If you have no idea about pinned tabs, check this out.

The Tab Suspender extension doesn't suspend pinned tabs by default. This makes sense, as sometimes you don't want to suspend certain tabs like those running YouTube Music or Gmail in the background. But if you still want to suspend pinned tabs, select the option in the extension popup.

chrome pinned tab discarding whitelist

Incognito Tabs?

By default, all Chrome extensions have no access to your incognito tabs. Hence, this extension doesn't suspend your incognito tabs by default. You can allow it in incognito mode by following these two steps:

1. Right click on extension's icon on the toolbar, and select "Manage extensions" option in the appeared menu.

manage chrome extensions

2. The above step would open extension's management page. Now look for the option "Allow in incognito" as shown in the screenshot below, and turn on its toggle button.

allow chrome extension in incognito mode

Like It?

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